About us

Simplifying your technology needs

Jagged Consulting is a privately owned IT consultancy, established in 2007. Our aim is to not only meet our client's IT needs but to exceed their expectations.

For most organisations and individuals, it is not a question of whether they need technology, it's a question of what they need to help grow their business, increase productivity and deliver cost savings.

Many small and medium sized organisations do not have a need that justifies dedicated, in-house IT staff. Jagged Consulting are able to offer an on-demand approach to IT. We work with clients to understand individual requirements and deliver appropriate solutions. We are happy to work as a single IT point of contact or to help you manage third parties.

We are transparent in our abilities to clients, and where appropriate, we will manage third parties for you or seek external skills to get the job done. The advantage of us being able to talk both to business users and technology experts means that we can ensure your business objectives are fulfilled and you have a technical advocate working for you to manage your solutions.

Our typical clients are small businesses, charities and non-profit organisations. We work closely with them from one-off small pieces of work to ongoing projects.

If you are looking for some technical advice or have a specific project in mind, give us a call on 020 3397 9573. Or use this form to contact us.

Our mission

Technology should make your life simple - it should work with you, not against you. Machines are our slaves not the reverse, and technology should make your job easier.
Getting a job done often requires understanding the business need and then translating requirements into what some would refer to as techno-babble. We adopt a plain-speaking approach and are happy to work as translators defining business needs into technical requirements.
Any technical solution needs to be proportionate to the need and budget of the client. We work with clients and their budgets to find solutions that can be justified in terms of cost, project life and staff ability. There is not one size that fits all; we treat all clients as individuals and within their constraints.