Database services

  • Database Services

    Our staff have experience with both the big and the small. We offer services ranging from the implementation of mission critical high-end systems to the setup and configuration of databases for small office and website systems.

    We offer many Oracle services including:

    • Database health check
    • Database installation (both single instance and RAC)
    • Implementation of Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture
    • Database consolidation to drive down your costs

    We also offer MySQL services including:

    • Database installation
    • Database tuning
    • Database consolidation

  • Data Migration Services

    Do you need help migrating your data from one database to another? Are you using a bespoke in house database that is no longer supported and need help migrating this to a new database or system? We are experienced in migrating data and working with third parties to ease the transition from legacy databases.

  • Non-profit experienced

    Are you a club, charity or cemetery?
    We have experience in the creation of custom database solutions. We can also assist customers in understanding their requirements and helping them transition to an existing cloud based solution.
    Some examples of our experence are:

    • ShulCloud (Synagogue Membership)
    • Bespoke and off the shelf Cemetery Management Solutions
    • Custom Wordpress database integration