Business Analysis & Project Delivery

  • Business Analysis

    Your staff understand your business, you understand your business, but there comes a time when the rules and processes your business use or wish to use need to be defined in a way that would allow a system to be built that would assist your business.

    Businesses benefit from business analysis as they formalise the needs of the business into a style that technical staff can understand, define needs and remove ambiguity. They collate knowledge and define processes. By understanding and formulating a system based on business cases and needs from multiple users this will allow a solution to be built that meets the diverse business need. This is when you need Business Analysis. We can assist your business in many areas including the formation of:

    Business requirements: Defining the big picture, understand the defining drivers and reasoning for initiating a project or task.

    Functional requirements: Defining what the solution, system or service must do. The action of breaking down every requirement often in to sub-requirements that define what needs to be possible. For example, a user profile requires the capture of a surname, which is a minimum of 2 letters and a maximum of 30.

    Non-functional requirements: Defining the non-specific requirement, ensuring the system meets the performance, security and usability needs. After all, there is little point introducing a system that is slow, unusable or insecure.

    Defining what a system/ solution does is very important for any project, but even more important when engaging with a third party to manufacture a system based on your needs. We can also help you with this via our Project Delivery service.

  • Project Delivery

    We aim to simplify project delivery, and bring to our clients a safe pair of hands, whether it be in the change of an existing system or the defining and conception of a new one.

    We bring experience in Project Management and Business Analysis, and understand how to work with our clients to ensure that the delivery meets their needs and expectations. We also appreciate the changing and growing needs of all businesses, work to enable your systems to grow with your needs, and track and manage change to keep your systems supporting your staff, in an efficient manner.

    We will engage appropriately with the business, balancing long and short-term needs, ensuring the delivery of a solution that is sustainable and affordable. One of our key strengths is the ability to understand the business and also, the in-depth technology, how it works and how it can free up your staff to focus productively on your business's needs.

    Our clients choose us to complement their business as well as offering a clear speaking bridge between the business and those delivering the technology your business needs. We will make sure third parties are managed appropriately to assist project delivery, enabling technology delivery to be pain free. Let us worry about your project delivery so you don't have to!